“You’ve got to get Dycem!” Dycem Non-Slip features in CNN documentary

CNN analyst, Miles O’Brien, suffered an accident which left him with the use of one-arm highlighted how he uses Dycem in the CNN special report “Miles O’Brien: A Life Lost and Found”.

In the report Miles tells the story of his accident and recovery, revealing how he had to relearn to carryout everyday tasks with his prosthetic arm. Miles first heard of Dycem when someone contacted him telling him “you’ve got to get Dycem”. Miles shows how Dycem is “really useful for a lot of things” and demonstrates opening a jar one-handed on a Dycem Non-Slip Mat:

If I try to open that jar (tries to open on kitchen worktop), it’s going nowhere, but on this (Dycem Non-Slip Mat), it works! So that’s really useful for a lot of things.

It’s sticky on both sides, it never loses its stick.

The powerful documentary features some great milestones with Miles learning to run again, completing a 300 mile charity bike ride & flying a plane.

We thank Miles for sharing his story and thoroughly recommend watching the YouTube video below.

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