25 Uses for Dycem in a Physical Therapy Setting

PT uses for Dycem
uses for dycem in the PT clinic

As we warm up for the 2015 season of events and conferences, we look back on the APTA Expo held in Indianapolis in February.

Over the three-day event, we met a staggering number of Physical Therapists and healthcare professionals who use Dycem every single day in their work.  And boy do they have a lot of great things to say about it!

In fact, we were so impressed by the attendees’ enthusiasm for our products; we decided to make a record of all of their feedback.

Here for you now is a selection of the many different ways PT’s use Dycem in therapeutic settings.

Dycem on Skin

“I use Dycem for upper extremity amputations. It enables clients to grip devices with one hand and allows them to be more functional throughout the day.” – Beth Tapas

“During my clinic, I used Dycem for manual skills and I used Dycem to help with arm manipulations.” – Jeff

“I use Dycem to help adhere to the tissue for Myofascial release. I recommend using it to help save your hand.” – Kenny Spine

“I use Dycem for scar tissue massage.” – Katherine

“I use it is for soft tissue mobilisation for breast cancer care post operation patients.”  Mary Rosenberg

“I use Dycem to do scar massage, in particular on abdominal scars. I give patients a small piece of it and instruct them on how to mobilise the skin and the scar in that area, and it works great.” -Beth Shelly

“It is particularly useful for Axillary web syndrome, where Dycem provides a nice extra tissue stretch.” – Chris

“I use Dycem for scar mobility and joint mobility.”– Jeremy Baxter

“I use Dycem for ankle mobilisations and to grip parts of the body which are hard to hold onto, when I’m doing manual therapy.” -Tania Brode

“I had a patient who didn’t have any control over her extremities, and I’d use Dycem on her lap to help stabilise her arms.”–  Nicole

Dycem in the PT Clinic

 “I use Dycem to help train clients to balance and I use it as a marker on the floor for patients to walk in tandem gait” -Michael

“I use Dycem to keep hold of patients when mobilising, providing excellent grip for hard to hold onto areas.”

“I use Dycem on parallel bars to improve grip and provide visual targets for where my patients’ hands need to be.”- Katie

“I’ve seen Dycem being placed under a sliding board and transferring patients from bed to beside commode.”- Ann Cooper

“We use Dycem all the time to put it under our wobble board and foam when we’re doing balance activities, so people don’t slide and fall.” – Amy

“In my first clinic, I had a patient who literally couldn’t get out of bed without Dycem on the ground, to prevent his feet from going out in front of him.” – Mike

“We use it to help stabilise lower extremity bikes.” – Crystal Hollands

“We use Dycem for a variety of things, including preventing platform steps from sliding on the floor.” – Erin

“I use it when we are doing upper extremity weight baring exercise, when we need their hand to stay in place, without slipping off.”– Loraine Steef

“I use Dycem products in the clinic and they are wonderful products particularly for sensory input.”

“I use Dycem on the arms of a treadmill.”

“I would use Dycem as a mat on a person’s rollator” – Sue Hern

“I use Dycem to keep clients seated on a hand powered bike.”-  Ann

“I use Dycem with stroke patients for holding a ball, so it doesn’t escape while the patient’s hand is still on it.”-  Rebecca Lusas

“I cut Dycem into footprint shapes, for client stair exercises.” – Todd Sanders

If you are a physical therapist, take a look at our product range or share with us how you use Dycem in your occupation. We’d love to hear from you.

“You’ve got to get Dycem!” Dycem Non-Slip features in CNN documentary

CNN analyst, Miles O’Brien, suffered an accident which left him with the use of one-arm highlighted how he uses Dycem in the CNN special report “Miles O’Brien: A Life Lost and Found”.

In the report Miles tells the story of his accident and recovery, revealing how he had to relearn to carryout everyday tasks with his prosthetic arm. Miles first heard of Dycem when someone contacted him telling him “you’ve got to get Dycem”. Miles shows how Dycem is “really useful for a lot of things” and demonstrates opening a jar one-handed on a Dycem Non-Slip Mat:

If I try to open that jar (tries to open on kitchen worktop), it’s going nowhere, but on this (Dycem Non-Slip Mat), it works! So that’s really useful for a lot of things.

It’s sticky on both sides, it never loses its stick.

The powerful documentary features some great milestones with Miles learning to run again, completing a 300 mile charity bike ride & flying a plane.

We thank Miles for sharing his story and thoroughly recommend watching the YouTube video below.