Congratulations recent occupational therapy & physical therapy graduates!

Congratulations to all the recent occupational therapy and physical therapy graduates!

Soon many of you will be beginning your exciting and rewarding career paths, helping to make a real difference to other people’s lives.

During your studies and practical experience, you will have seen that having the right tools is essential in helping your clients in achieving their goals.

Easily cut Dycem Reel material to size!
Dycem® Reel material can be cut to size to provide grip where needed.

As part of your experience you may also have come across Dycem Non-Slip, the professional’s choice. Dycem is used in a variety of ways by both occupational and physical therapists.  Here are just a few ways that professionals have told us they use Dycem Non-Slip mats and reel material to help treat their clients:

  • Using on the floor to provide grip and to prevent feet giving way
  • Helping with sit-to-stand activities
  • Using on wheelchair footrests and seats to prevent clients slipping down
  • Placing under a wobble board and under foam for balance activities so that clients don’t slide and fall
  • Using Dycem as a marker on the floor for patients to walk in tandem gait
  • Placing under a patient transfer sliding board
  • Using on parallel bars to provide extra grip, stability and visual markers
  • Using Dycem to keep hold of patients when mobilising, providing excellent grip for hard to hold onto areas.
  • Using Dycem reel material on grab bars for transfers
  • Using on beds and under pillows to prevent slipping and help with positioning
  • Using Dycem for upper extremity weight baring exercise to help hands to stay in place
  • Lining finger splints
  • Placing on various physical therapy exercise balls for extra grip
Dycem therapy uses
Dycem therapy uses – click to enlarge

Congratulations again on your graduation.  You’ve worked hard over the last few years and we wish you luck on your journey as you transition to practice!

View the Dycem Non-Slip range at and discover the many Dycem uses here.

If you’ve yet to experience the superior grip properties of Dycem you can request a sample (subject to availability) here.

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