Dycem launches new non-slip cup holders

Dycem Ltd, a market leader in non-slip technology, has launched a range of non-slip cup holders, designed to grip all drinking vessels firmly in place.

The unique product fits snugly onto the bottom of a cup, mug or tumbler, preventing unwanted movement, sliding and/or spillage.

In addition, Dycem’s cup holders will protect furniture from hot drinks, and minimize chances of knocking liquid over important documents by providing an unbeatable grip on a range of surfaces. The non-slip material has been proven to grip items in place up to a 45-degree angle.

Available in blue, yellow, lime, red and black the cup holder is long lasting and easy to clean. It also has antimicrobial properties ensuring utmost cleanliness and hygienic standards.

The newly launched product has been developed to complement Dycem’s existing range of non-slip products which include mats, jar and bottle openers, reel material (which can be cut to size) and netting.

All Dycem products are non-toxic, latex free, and washable in warm soapy water.