Dermoneuromodulation with Dycem Reels

At Dycem, we are always looking for interesting ways in which our products can be used, especially in the field of therapy. Below is an interesting use for Dycem Reels from the Physical Therapist Diane Jacobs.

In the image, the practitioner uses small squares of Dycem material under his forearms to stretch the skin gently up and down the back of the model’s leg, while simultaneously lifting skin on the medial side of the knee, where there is cutaneous innervation by the obturator nerve.


Skin stretch is thought to provide the nervous system with movement illusion via skin receptors known as Ruffini endings (Collins and Gandevia 2005), while moving the cutaneous receptive field of any nerve may stimulate nerves physically, as well as physiologically, to help them restore better function and reduce pain felt by the patient. This treatment approach is known as Dermoneuromodulation.

Using Dycem in this manner saves much wear and tear on manual therapists, and is more comfortable for the patient because much less force is needed to elongate skin. The ease with which the substance can be cleaned between patients or clients with ordinary soap and water is a big plus! It’s durability is an added bonus.

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