PMG conference

Dycem at PMG

On July 11th and 12th, the Posture and Mobility Group (PMG) held its annual conference in Bristol.

It was Dycem’s first time attending and we were made to feel very welcome.

We demonstrated our reel material and self-adhesive strips together with netting and mats.

Many of the Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists were familiar with Dycem and were using it in their work.

Dycem was new to some of the other professional groups and we did hear a lot of comments such as “Ooh, I hadn’t thought of using it like that”.

There was also lots of discussion about using it as an alternative to velcro under wheelchair cushions.

Many thanks to all those delegates who came up with product suggestions and clinical applications.  Hope you enjoyed the conference.

For those of you who didn’t pick up our seating and positioning brochure please drop us an email and we will send some out to your department.