Enhancing the Mealtime Experience with Dycem Non-Slip

Mealtimes are very much tied to a person’s most cherished memories, whether it’s a holiday feast with your extended family, or a lunch with friends. When it comes to eating and dining, most people take a great amount of pleasure from coming together with others and enjoying some delicious food.

Within the healthcare or social care environment, mealtimes serve as an integral part of the caring process, forming a crucial part of the day that, for those who struggle to eat independently can sometimes be fraught with stress and anxiety and, in the end, turn out not very pleasurable at all.

Enhancing the meal time experience has, according to a talk at a recent Patient First conference, become a priority for the health and social care industry, recognising these important times of the day to be not just essential to physical health, but also very important to a person’s mental wellbeing- ensuring that the patient is able to take part in daily activities which many of us would take for granted.

Dining with Dycem Non-Slip
Use a Dycem Non-Slip mat to keep plates from moving & Dycem tape on cutlery for better grip.

For someone with decreased mobility in their hands, eating without the need for assistance can become very frustrating if the cutlery and crockery is not suitably designed for the job. There are many different designs and products on the market which are specifically tailored to help many different abilities comfortably eat a meal and drink independently, whether its cup holders that prevent your drink from spilling or non-slip mats that firmly root your dining plate to the table.

Gaining the confidence to eat a meal with dignity can allow people to enjoy the meal time experience once more, whether it’s for the chance to bond with others, enjoy the sensory pleasures of eating, or to feel like you are taking positive steps towards improving your health.

If you would like to find out more about how Dycem Non-Slip can be a great aid at mealtimes, get in touch with the team nonslip@dycem.com