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Step Ahead with Dycem

Use Dycem non-slip for stair lifts

Did you know Dycem isn’t only for upper limb impairments? Occupational Therapist Joanne Corr has recently showed us how Dycem non-slip products can assist those with conditions that affect lower limbs as well.

Mary is a senior patient of Joanne, and has osteoarthritis of the knees. She uses a stair lift to go up and down her stairs at home.  Over the years, Mary has found that her knee flexion has become restricted and she struggles to keep her feet tucked back on to the stair lift footplate. Joanne was concerned about her feet slipping off the footplate and catching on the wall opposite.  Mary knocking her feet has serious consequences as she is at high risk of ulcers.  Joanne needed to resolve this problem, and gave Dycem a try.

Dycem non-slip reel was available from the community equipment service and a piece of it was cut to fit the stair lift footplate.  Mary tried it and found that the Dycem non-slip material gripped her feet, preventing them from falling off the footplate.

Thanks to Dycem non-slip, The Occupational Therapist had found a simple solution that enabled Mary to continue to independently access the upper floor of her home and reduce the risk of her damaging her feet whilst using the stair lift.

Just think of all the situations where one’s feet need to be positioned correctly. Dycem could be used on stand aids, rotastands, wheelchair footplates … the list goes on!

The flexibility of the Dycem material reel is perfect for these applications as it can be cut to the exact size of the surface.

Can you think of any non-traditional uses for Dycem?