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Thank you for Visiting Us at The OT Show 2015

We were overwhelmed with the amount of positive feedback we received from everyone who visited our stand at The OT Show 2015.

As we approach our 50th year as a company, we understand that Dycem Non-Slip products have become somewhat of a staple in the ‘Occupational Therapists’ Tool Kit’ and for this we would like to express our sincerest gratitude for your support over the last half a century – we couldn’t have done it without you!

Pink and Lime Dycem comp
Pink and Lime Dycem Non-Slip competition

During the OT Show, we ran a competition from our stand. Correctly guess the number of sweets in the jar pictured above to win a bundle of Dycem Non-Slip goodies, in pink and lime green!

We received well over 100 entries and we can now reveal that there were in fact 195 sweeties in the jar.

We would like to congratulate Naomi Harrison from Derby on winning this competition with her guess of 194. She was over-the-moon with her prize and had this to say about winning,

“Amazing. I was happy to get the goodie bags from you at the show, but I’m really pleased to have won. I love Dycem.”

Runners up: 

Our next two closes guesses came from Sonia Duthie in Bedfordshire and Helen McKenna from Surrey.
Helen had this to say about her win,

“What a lovely surprise. I’m looking forward to receiving my goodies.”

And Sonia was equally pleased with her prizes,

“I’m thrilled. I’ve never won anything like this before and it’s lovely, thank you very much,” she said.

Congratulations to our winners, thank you to all who entered and visited our stand at the OT Show.

Patient Handling – The Risky Business of Nursing

A recent study has found that health care professionals are the group most likely to be injured at work. The CDC, the US’s health protection agency, found that patient handling was the main cause of these injuries. Studies have also found that manual handling accidents account for half of all sickness absence for NHS staff, leading to 1.5 million lost working days costing the NHS £400 million per year.

Everyday, thousands of nurses, occupational therapists, physical therapists and other healthcare professionals perform patient handling tasks. This may be general handling tasks, such as transferring a patient from a bed to a wheelchair, or during rehabilitation exercises. These physically demanding tasks can be made easier with the right tools, making it safer for patients and caregivers.

Many healthcare professionals are already using Dycem Non-Slip every day to make patient handling and movement easier and safer for all. The unique gripping properties of our Dycem non-slip products can help enable health care workers to move clients safely and keep them in place, avoiding the need for repositioning. Dycem Non-Slip products are available in a range of colours, perfect for providing visual cues and contrasting colours for those with visual impairments.

Safe patient handling with Dycem Non-Slip
Safe patient handling with Dycem Non-Slip

Popular ways that Dycem is used to help with patient handling include:

• Using on the floor to provide grip and to prevent feet giving way
• Helping with sit-to-stand activities
• Using on wheelchair footrests and seats to prevent clients slipping down
• Placing under a wobble board and under foam for balance activities so that clients don’t slide and fall
• Using Dycem as a marker on the floor for patients to walk in tandem gait
• Placing under a sliding board and transferring patients from bed to beside commode
• Using on parallel bars to provide extra grip, stability and visual markers
• Using Dycem to keep hold of patients when mobilising, providing excellent grip for hard to hold onto areas.
• Using Dycem reel material on grab bars for transfers
• Using on beds and under pillows to prevent slipping and help with positioning
• Using Dycem for upper extremity weight baring exercise to help hands to stay in place

Training is effective in preventing injuries and tools like Dycem can certainly help provide stability and safer handling. We would love to hear any ideas or comments on how Dycem is helping you with patient handling.

View the Dycem Non-Slip product range here .

Study sources:

Dycem unveils its new packaging for Multi-purpose Reels

Dycem, specialist manufacturer of non-slip material, has unveiled its new packaging for its multipurpose reels. The new styles will be available from the 1st April.

Dycem’s Non-Slip living aids provide solutions to many stabilisation and gripping problems encountered on a daily basis.  The Non-Slip mats and reel material (which can be cut to any size or shape) provide a non-slip surface to any item which would benefit from extra grip, hold and stability – such as mixing bowls, trays, crockery, chopping boards or reading stands.  The products provide a secure working or living area of occupational therapists, older people, people with a disability or anyone needing that extra bit of help with mobility and independent living.

Eva Paraskevaides from Dycem said:  “The inspiration for the easy to use dispensers originates from therapists and end user feedback.  The new dispenser boxes are easy to open. Both the 9 metre and 15 meter reels will now come with a protective film both sides to allow for easy dispensing, cutting and hygiene.

As well as ease of use and added functionality the reel packaging will now feature more environmentally friendly materials.

Jen Cave-Ayland; “As well as the easier to use dispenser, I’m impressed with Dycem’s on-going commitment to the environment.  The new packaging is made of recycled material and once the reel is finished, the box can be recycled.  This and the fact that Dycem is manufactured in the UK has a positive impact on its carbon footprint.

Dycem’s Non-Slip products are multi-purpose, long lasting and easy to clean and Dycem’s forty eight year heritage makes them the tried and trusted brand amongst professionals and consumers alike.

For further details please contact  nonslip@dycem.com.



Dycem at APTA CSM 2014

Dycem would like to thank everyone that came to visit us at APTA CSM 2014 in Las Vegas! We had a great time and look forward to seeing everyone again next year.

It was interesting to hear so many of your application ideas for Dycem in daily Phyiso Practice. 

Here are some of the top applications we heard at the conference;

1. Massaging over skin for Scar tissue mobilisation

2. Stabilising exercise and balance equipment

3. Great for use with closed kinetic chain exercises

4. Enabling lymphedema patients to put on pressure garments

5. Enabling arthritis patients to open tough jars and bottles

Dycem would like to give a huge thank you to those of you who got in front of the Dycem camera to share your applications with the world, watch this space for our PT video soon to be posted on twitter.


For those of you would like more information, samples or to let us know how you use your Dycem, please email nonslip@dycem.com We look forward to seeing you again next year in Indy!Image

Dycem a focal point of interest for visitors at REHACARE 2013


The Dycem team has just returned back from an action packed four days at Rehacare in Dusseldorf, Germany.  We met some great people from Germany, but also from other parts of Europe, Asia, North and South America.  It was fascinating to find out how healthcare systems vary from country to country. Continue reading Dycem a focal point of interest for visitors at REHACARE 2013

Stay! Keep Furniture from Sliding on Hardwood Floors

Dycem discs Dycem Non-Slip material is so versatile and can be used in many ways to make life easier. Occupational Therapist Jen tells us how she uses Dycem Non-Slip to prevent furniture from moving and sliding around the home.

Wooden and laminate flooring is becoming increasingly popular in homes.  Whilst these floorings are hard wearing and easy to clean, they can also be slippery.  Dycem works really well on wooden or laminate floors to stop furniture moving.  Try it under chair and table legs – no more sliding.  Coasters work really well or cut the reel material to fit underneath the legs.  For those with mobility issues, a Dycem floor mat or reel material can be used in front of the chair to help with standing.

COT Annual Conference 2013


It was Dycem’s first time visiting the College of Occupational Therapists Annual Conference this year, and we had a great time.

Occupational Therapist Jen describes our experience –

I was not disappointed by the 37th Annual COT Conference in Glasgow.  I had forgotten that there was such an amazing buzz about the place; so many inspiring people willing to share and learn. There were those just starting their Occupational Therapy journeys and those who could be classed as OT royalty!

The Dycem stand was continually busy throughout the three days and we were left slightly hoarse from chatting to loads of great people.  The word spread quickly about our ‘Keep Calm’ coasters and many people were picking up extras for their colleagues who couldn’t make it.

Once again our visitors didn’t disappoint, with suggestions of how to use Dycem and some fantastic ideas for new products.

Dycem is already looking forward to attending the 38th Annual COT Conference in Brighton. See you there!


Naidex National 2013

The Dycem stand at Naidex

This year, Occupational Therapist Jen Cave-Ayland came along with us to the Naidex National exhibition. She says –

There was a fantastic atmosphere at Naidex this year with barely a quiet minute on the Dycem stand during any of the three days.  We had many familiar faces saying “I’ve used your product for years” and singing Dycem’s praises.  There were also some new faces, particularly from Occupational Therapy and Health & Social Care courses.  The students were intrigued by Dycem’s versatility.  “What do you use it for?” was a popular question to which we replied “What don’t you use it for?!”

Naidex attracted a mix of public and professional and trade visitors, who let us know the different ways they use their Dycem. Popular uses this year were securing motorcycle panniers, helping undo screw caps on wine bottles, putting on stockings and gripping things to the fridge.

Thanks to everyone who came along and gave us useful ideas and feedback. See you next time!

What are your favourite uses for Dycem?

Easing Arthritis during Winter

arth winter

The Christmas holidays can put a lot of stress on arthritis patients. Occupational therapist Jen discusses her patients who find that their symptoms become worse during the cold winter months.

Stories of being able to predict a change in the weather by an increase in joint pain and stiffness is not uncommon.  You could describe it as a human barometer! There are many theories, but little clinical evidence to say that there is a link between bad weather and exacerbation of arthritic symptoms.  However, this does not mean it is any less real for those people describing these changes in symptoms.

We can’t alter the British weather and moving to warmer climes isn’t always a practical or guaranteed solution so we need to have strategies available to minimise the joint pain.

Sometimes even the smallest of gadgets can be a big help. Using non-slip jar and bottle openers to help is a simple option.  The Dycem non-slip material enables jars and bottles to be opened by using less physical effort and therefore reducing the amount of pain caused.  The openers are not only useful in the kitchen, but also in the bathroom for pill bottles and cleaning materials.

They aren’t going to solve all problems, but they do make a huge difference to a lot of people.

With a little help from Dycem products, and the wide range of assistive products available on the market, we hope arthritis patients are able to enjoy the festive season with minimal joint pain.

What are your tips for getting through the winter season?