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Dycem’s Non-Slip mats and reels a ‘must have’ gadget for caregivers

We are delighted to read that Dycem’s Non-Slip mats and reels have been branded as a ‘must have’ gadget by a family caregiver with over 30 years’ experience.¬† Writing for the over 50s membership organisation AARP, family caregiver Amy Goyer praised Dycem’s excellent non-slip properties for its myriad of uses;

  1. Stopping plates ‘sliding around’ with a Dycem Non-Slip mat which enabled her Mother to eat more easily following a stroke. Her Dycem ReelFather also uses it to stop his plate sliding around.
  2. Preventing the family dog from moving its bowl when eating or drinking, preventing spillages of food or water.
  3. Avoiding accidents as the Non-Slip properties of a Dycem mat also make dog bowl ‘virtually trip-proof’ as it ‘sticks’ to the tile.
  4. Make dining and cooking easier by cutting and wrapping Dycem’s Non-Slip material around utensil handles or placing underneath a chopping board to ‘keep it from slipping’:

I particularly recommend Dycem, a nonslip material used by many occupational and physical therapists. It comes in different sizes and colors; it even comes in rolls, so you can cut it to your preferred size, wrap it around utensil handles or use it under a cutting board to keep it from slipping.