Dycem unveils its new packaging for Multi-purpose Reels

Dycem, specialist manufacturer of non-slip material, has unveiled its new packaging for its multipurpose reels. The new styles will be available from the 1st April.

Dycem’s Non-Slip living aids provide solutions to many stabilisation and gripping problems encountered on a daily basis.  The Non-Slip mats and reel material (which can be cut to any size or shape) provide a non-slip surface to any item which would benefit from extra grip, hold and stability – such as mixing bowls, trays, crockery, chopping boards or reading stands.  The products provide a secure working or living area of occupational therapists, older people, people with a disability or anyone needing that extra bit of help with mobility and independent living.

Eva Paraskevaides from Dycem said:  “The inspiration for the easy to use dispensers originates from therapists and end user feedback.  The new dispenser boxes are easy to open. Both the 9 metre and 15 meter reels will now come with a protective film both sides to allow for easy dispensing, cutting and hygiene.

As well as ease of use and added functionality the reel packaging will now feature more environmentally friendly materials.

Jen Cave-Ayland; “As well as the easier to use dispenser, I’m impressed with Dycem’s on-going commitment to the environment.  The new packaging is made of recycled material and once the reel is finished, the box can be recycled.  This and the fact that Dycem is manufactured in the UK has a positive impact on its carbon footprint.

Dycem’s Non-Slip products are multi-purpose, long lasting and easy to clean and Dycem’s forty eight year heritage makes them the tried and trusted brand amongst professionals and consumers alike.

For further details please contact  nonslip@dycem.com.



Dycem, making a huge difference to daily tasks

Pam Quick, 58, who lives in Hull with her canine partner Alucia, is one person determined to continue living a fully self-sufficient lifestyle, despite suffering from various mobility issues. She receives minimal help from her carers but relies on products to help her with everyday tasks.


For people with part-time care, the time spent alone can prove difficult, and remaining independent in these moments is essential. It’s often the simple things that can make a huge difference to someone’s way of life, and products that help to prevent spillages, trips and falls are a vital part of keeping people safe in their own homes. Pam found that rolls of non-slip material that can be cut to size and used around the home, were particularly useful to stick onto a variety of items, from her wheelchair’s footplates to provide her with added traction, to pulling on and de-wrinkling her stockings in the morning!

 Like many others, Pam finds gripping products particularly difficult, and tasks which the more able would consider simple (such as opening jars or doors), can prove problematic. She has been using the Dycem Non-Slip product for 10 years and it has helped her remain more independent and less reliant on carers for assistance. She also uses non-slip openers that are shaped to fit into the palm of the hand, providing a tool for helping people with a weakened grip, or who may have had a stroke, or have arthritis. 

 Pam says, “I was surprised how easy these simple non slip products made life. Before using these products gripping every day items was a struggle, such as holding paper steady or opening a bottle. I relied on carers and friends to help me with the simplest tasks. The product can be cut to size, moulded, screwed up, straightened out, and then reused. They’re multifunctional and have lasted me for a long time. Sometimes the most helpful items are the ones that don’t cost a fortune.”

 Pam concludes, “The sheets of reel material are perfect for writing single handed, and it’s a shock to leave the house and find other people don’t use the products like I do. I wish my local bank and shops would provide these products, which I’ve grown to rely on in my everyday life”.


Dycem at APTA CSM 2014

Dycem would like to thank everyone that came to visit us at APTA CSM 2014 in Las Vegas! We had a great time and look forward to seeing everyone again next year.

It was interesting to hear so many of your application ideas for Dycem in daily Phyiso Practice. 

Here are some of the top applications we heard at the conference;

1. Massaging over skin for Scar tissue mobilisation

2. Stabilising exercise and balance equipment

3. Great for use with closed kinetic chain exercises

4. Enabling lymphedema patients to put on pressure garments

5. Enabling arthritis patients to open tough jars and bottles

Dycem would like to give a huge thank you to those of you who got in front of the Dycem camera to share your applications with the world, watch this space for our PT video soon to be posted on twitter.


For those of you would like more information, samples or to let us know how you use your Dycem, please email nonslip@dycem.com We look forward to seeing you again next year in Indy!Image

Fly the Flag for OTs this Occupational Therapy Week!

This year’s UK Occupational Therapy Week is all about being proud to be an Occupational Therapist (OT) and helping to challenge the myths and preconceived notions of what it means to be an OT.

OTs across the country are using the week as an opportunity to fly the flag for the profession and to inform people about the valuable work that they do.

Jen Cave-Ayland, Occupational Therapist from Bristol says: “Many people are unsure about the role of the occupational therapist and what we do.  Some people still think that we are all about teaching basket weaving but the reality of life as an OT is very different.”

As the public health agenda has broadened, so has the role of the OT.  Traditionally the role has tended to revolve closely around the needs of social services but the voluntary sector now provides many new models for occupational therapy.

The aim of occupational therapy is to help people of all ages and backgrounds to enjoy a meaningful and independent life, irrespective of any physical, mental or social problems they may have.  The knowledge base of the Occupational Therapist includes physiology, psychology as well as cognitive and physical treatment techniques.  The variety of clients and the scope of an OTs work is very wide.

Many OTs also work with a diverse range of professionals to achieve the individuals’ goals – including physiotherapists, speech and language therapists, and social workers,

“Teams often receive Referrals requesting  help for  people to overcome difficulties with personal care, but our skill lies in identifying what is important to a client.  We may end up focusing on leisure pursuits and community involvement instead, Jen continues.

“We are a trusted source of information and advice and can recommend to our clients services and products which we think will help them with all aspects of their life.  We have an important role to play in the prevention of accidents, slips and falls and in promoting safe independent living.  Recent changes to the health budget make this role increasingly important.  We need to help our clients to manage their resources and encourage them to invest in products or aids which we think will be good value for money and that will help them to live safe and independent lives.

“For example, Dycem products, they are inexpensive but great value for money as they last a long time – I know a lady who has had hers for years!  It’s often the simple things that can make a huge difference to someone’s way of life, and products that help to prevent spillages, trips and falls are a vital part of our work in keeping people safe in their own homes.

Jen concludes; “Helping people cope with the after-effects of a fall, accident or life changing incident such as finding themselves out of work provides practitioners with enormous variety in terms of the types of people that they treat and the environment that they work in.  It’s what makes the job interesting and exciting as no two days or clients are ever the same.  I’d recommend occupational therapy to anyone who wants to embark on a rewarding, interesting and worthwhile career.”

Occupational therapy week
Occupational therapy week

Colour me happy!

Dycem pink and lime
Dycem pink and lime

Dycem will soon be launching new fresh colours – lime green and pink!

An exciting new addition to the Dycem range. The market feedback on the sample colours has been phenomenal.    Occupational Therapist Jen Cave-Ayland told us;

The new colours are great . We feel that the new colours may engage some clients and aid compliance with activities. Others may find the new brighter colours easier to see. They may help where people have figure-ground discrimination problems and other visual deficits.

Please watch this space for new product information coming soon…

Dycem a focal point of interest for visitors at REHACARE 2013


The Dycem team has just returned back from an action packed four days at Rehacare in Dusseldorf, Germany.  We met some great people from Germany, but also from other parts of Europe, Asia, North and South America.  It was fascinating to find out how healthcare systems vary from country to country. Continue reading Dycem a focal point of interest for visitors at REHACARE 2013

Stay! Keep Furniture from Sliding on Hardwood Floors

Dycem discs Dycem Non-Slip material is so versatile and can be used in many ways to make life easier. Occupational Therapist Jen tells us how she uses Dycem Non-Slip to prevent furniture from moving and sliding around the home.

Wooden and laminate flooring is becoming increasingly popular in homes.  Whilst these floorings are hard wearing and easy to clean, they can also be slippery.  Dycem works really well on wooden or laminate floors to stop furniture moving.  Try it under chair and table legs – no more sliding.  Coasters work really well or cut the reel material to fit underneath the legs.  For those with mobility issues, a Dycem floor mat or reel material can be used in front of the chair to help with standing.

PMG conference

Dycem at PMG

On July 11th and 12th, the Posture and Mobility Group (PMG) held its annual conference in Bristol.

It was Dycem’s first time attending and we were made to feel very welcome.

We demonstrated our reel material and self-adhesive strips together with netting and mats.

Many of the Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists were familiar with Dycem and were using it in their work.

Dycem was new to some of the other professional groups and we did hear a lot of comments such as “Ooh, I hadn’t thought of using it like that”.

There was also lots of discussion about using it as an alternative to velcro under wheelchair cushions.

Many thanks to all those delegates who came up with product suggestions and clinical applications.  Hope you enjoyed the conference.

For those of you who didn’t pick up our seating and positioning brochure please drop us an email and we will send some out to your department. nonslip@dycem.com

COT Annual Conference 2013


It was Dycem’s first time visiting the College of Occupational Therapists Annual Conference this year, and we had a great time.

Occupational Therapist Jen describes our experience –

I was not disappointed by the 37th Annual COT Conference in Glasgow.  I had forgotten that there was such an amazing buzz about the place; so many inspiring people willing to share and learn. There were those just starting their Occupational Therapy journeys and those who could be classed as OT royalty!

The Dycem stand was continually busy throughout the three days and we were left slightly hoarse from chatting to loads of great people.  The word spread quickly about our ‘Keep Calm’ coasters and many people were picking up extras for their colleagues who couldn’t make it.

Once again our visitors didn’t disappoint, with suggestions of how to use Dycem and some fantastic ideas for new products.

Dycem is already looking forward to attending the 38th Annual COT Conference in Brighton. See you there!


Naidex National 2013

The Dycem stand at Naidex

This year, Occupational Therapist Jen Cave-Ayland came along with us to the Naidex National exhibition. She says –

There was a fantastic atmosphere at Naidex this year with barely a quiet minute on the Dycem stand during any of the three days.  We had many familiar faces saying “I’ve used your product for years” and singing Dycem’s praises.  There were also some new faces, particularly from Occupational Therapy and Health & Social Care courses.  The students were intrigued by Dycem’s versatility.  “What do you use it for?” was a popular question to which we replied “What don’t you use it for?!”

Naidex attracted a mix of public and professional and trade visitors, who let us know the different ways they use their Dycem. Popular uses this year were securing motorcycle panniers, helping undo screw caps on wine bottles, putting on stockings and gripping things to the fridge.

Thanks to everyone who came along and gave us useful ideas and feedback. See you next time!

What are your favourite uses for Dycem?