Stick To it: Dycem Non-Slip in Partnership with the Royal College of Art

Following last month’s Dycem Hackathon, the Non-Slip team headed to The Royal College of Art to see some of our products and ideas brought to life in an exhibit entitled, On the Frontline.

In association with the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design, On the Frontline featured design concepts and research focused on the topic of Inclusive Design.

‘Inclusive Design’ is a term which describes the process of developing products, services or systems to benefit all people- no matter their age or abilities and is a founding principle within the Helen Hamlyn Centre.

Research Associate, Julia Johnson, partnered with Dycem Non-Slip last year, and in that time she has developed many new and exciting product concepts for our famous non-slip material.

'stick to it' exhibit
A sneak peek at things to come – the ‘stick to it’ exhibition display.

As part of her exhibit, Julia compiled these new concepts into a visual presentation and created some prototype models, for visitors to pick up and hold, to experience Dyem’s high-grip properties for themselves.

The exhibit also featured images by Sarah Hibbert, who kindly came down to the Hackathon event to photograph the Non-Slip team during the workshop.

The outcome of this project is a catalogue of ideas, products and easy-to-use packaging, taking Dycem into new product areas and applications. Some of these products sit in the home environment, in kitchens and living rooms all providing unique inclusive design concepts.

A co-creation approach has featured materials-based hackathons with user groups and creative teams. The ‘stick to it’ catalogue contains ideas that are inspired by users, experts and the designer herself.


Docuemntary Photographs
The exhibition featured a series of documentary photographs of Julia’s research project.


It’s been a pleasure to work with Julia and the Royal College of Art’s Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design. Watch this space for the development of products from the ‘stick to it’ portfolio.


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