At Home with Jen

Dycem non-slip reel material
Dycem non-slip reel

Occupational therapist Jen shared with us the ways she uses Dycem non-slip products at home:

“I’ve issued Dycem products to my clients for years, but more and more I’m finding uses for it for myself at home.

My settee seat cushions seem to slip during the day from where they should be to half hanging off the front.  Not the most comfortable sitting position I can assure you!  I have now cut pieces of Dycem material off a reel and placed them under the seat cushions and it’s worked. No longer do they have a mind of their own and they are staying put.

Does anyone else have trouble getting the lids off toddler beakers?  I obviously want it on tight so the drink doesn’t spill, but when I go to wash it up I can’t get the lid off!  My Dycem jar opener is now kept by the sink and the excellent grip gets the lid off on the first attempt. Problem solved.”

Let us know how you use your Dycem non-slip products …

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