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Anchor your items onto any surface with our high quality and long lasting non slip mats and placemats.

Dycem non-slip  anti-microbial mats provide unbeatable grip for any item and have been proven to grip up to angles of 45 degrees. Keep your things secure by using them on a range of surfaces.

These easy to use non slip mats are anti-microbial, making them very hygienic, are non toxic and do not contain any latex. Our anti-slip mats have so many uses that you will struggle to find a place that you can’t use them!

Here are just a few ideas of where you can start using your Dycem non slip mat:

  • Try using your Dycem non slip mats in the kitchen to prevent crockery and appliances from sliding, or use as a non slip tray mat or tray liner when serving food and drink.
  • Placemats are available in a multitude of sizes and colours, making them discrete on a table, or providing a contrast. Lightweight and portable, you can also use them outside the home for example when dinning out.
  • Dycem provides an excellent non-slip surface for even the smallest of items.
  • Use them to keep things secure on your desk.
  • Keep ornaments secure around the house, ensuring your house is kept stylish with ease.
  • Use Dycem non slip matting as an anti slip pad for your car dashboard to stop gadgets from slipping off.
  • Place our anti slip matting under your chopping board to stop it moving around while you prepare food.
  • Stand on a non slip mat while exercising to improve stability.
  • Use on your caravan and boats to stop items from slipping off of surfaces when moving.
  • If you are a musician, use Dycem to keep your instrument in place. Our mats are especially good for drummers to stop pedals moving!
  • Great for baking, the Dycem non-slip mats provide a secure base for mixing bowls.

Testimonials for Dycem Non Slip Mats

“I have just purchased my second Dycem place mat in the last three years for my wife. She has MS and unable to move her legs any longer therefore the mat is used by PSW who come in to help with dressing. The mat prevents her feet from sliding when used with shoes to get her washed and then dressed. It is also used when a worker comes in three times a week to do special exercise with her.

We were introduced to your product when she was in rehab from a severe MS attack back in 2003 and then the physiotherapy clinic in the hospital were using certain strips cut off a big roll of Dycem. We have found this item of great usefulness for our special circumstances.” – John and Pat North Bay, Ontario Canada

“I just bought a mat for a floor with tiles for the gym. My situation is the following: I have lymphedema in my legs, a condition that makes my legs swollen and I have to wear compression class 3 custom made stockings. They are difficult to put on. And in my home has carpets, I have a device (mat) and I slide my foot into the stockings and it helps me to put them on. – Marnina

For more uses for Dycem products, Click Here to visit our “uses for dycem non slip products” page.


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For more on how Physiotherapists and other medical professionals use Dycem Non-Slip, take a look at this video:

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2 reviews for Dycem Non-Slip Mats

  1. Angela

    My mum has a non-slip mat in her sewing room. Its perfect for keeping fabric in place whilst pinning and it keeps her sewing machine from moving around as she sews.

  2. Michael St Aldwyn

    I bought one of your mats at a boat show and it has been a source of constant comfort as we have bounced our way across the Atlantic, and now Pacific. It is the ONLY one on the market that genuinely holds things in place in all conditions.

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