Dycem Non-Slip Self-Adhesive Options

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Use Dycem on any surface with our range of non-slip self-adhesive Strips, Panels and Discs.

Effectively increase the gripping properties of all surfaces with Dycem’s self-adhesive range.

Choose from;

Self-adhesive Strips

The Strips are 3cm wide and 40cm long, available in blue or yellow. Use to gain a secure grip on objects such as pens, cutlery and walking frames.  They can also be used to provide a better grip on DIY tools such as hammers or screwdrivers.

Self-adhesive Panels

Totally flexible, the Panels may be simply cut to size. Use on any number of items, for example, wheelchair arms and foot panels to ensure extra stability.  They can also be placed on tilt tables, desks or workshop benches. Discrete and easy to use, simply press to secure. 40cm x 90cm in size, the panels are available in colours blue, red, yellow and black to suit your needs.

Self-adhesive Discs

Small and discrete, these discs are perfect for securing items such as furniture around the home. They are also great for placing beneath keyboards, phones, printers and other office equipment to provide a secure non-slip base. Available in diameters of 19mm and 22mm.

Latex free, antimicrobial and suitable for a wide range of uses, the Dycem self-adhesive range is perfect for a more permanent non-slip surface.

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