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Never run out of Dycem with our Non-Slip Antimicrobial Reel. Simply cut the section or shape you want and grip anything with ease.

Great on the go, the possibilities are endless!

Dycem Non-Slip Reels provide unbeatable grip for any item. They fit discreetly under items in the clinic or home, or in your pocket when away from home. The built-in antimicrobial provides a hygienic solution and protects the products from degradation.

Suitable for a wide range of uses, the Dycem Non-Slip Reel is a fun way to cater for any non-slip need.


• All products incorporate a built-in antimicrobial.
• Multi-purpose, durable polymeric material of the highest quality.
• Long lasting, efficient and discreet.
• 0.3mm thick, 20 or 40cm wide, with lengths ranging from 1m to 15m.
• Made to cater to a wide range of needs, buy in red, blue, yellow, silver, forest green, black, white lime or even pink!
• Have been proven to grip objects up to a 45 degree angle!

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For more on how Physiotherapists and other medical professionals use Dycem Non-Slip on a daily basis, take a look at this video:

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8 reviews for Dycem Non-slip Reels

  1. Theler Iten


  2. Alex Talbot

    Hands down the best non slip ever. Use it on a superyacht

  3. Pablo Stott

    The non-slip products make a significant difference to the lives of disabled people particularly where poor grip or location stability are an issue. The matting rolls in particular provide a very flexible high grip surface That can be as effective As an extra hand. Cleaning is as simple as wiping with a damp cloth yet grip is undiminished after years of use.one of those simple ideas that really makes a difference

  4. pablostott

    Superb product. As useful as an extra hand. I have used the reel material for over 3years and still have some in use that is from when I first came across it. There doesn’t seem to be any loss of grip over that time and it is literally in daily use on my wheelchair table. Can’t fault it. I have found lots of uses for it over time and appreciated the benefits it provides.

  5. Janet Law

    Excellent product.

  6. Mary Murphy

    Having been given a small square of this product for opening jars (I have base thumb arthritis) I am buying a small reel to share with friends. Before having this to use, I had to punch a hole in jar lids to release the vacuum. Now, easy peasy!!!

  7. Christopher McNamara

    I would never have realised how wonderful this is until I tried it. I’ve got MS and have bits of it everywhere. I drop things, I knock things over, but this is fantastic! To be able to have a tray on my lap and not have the plate slipping around is brilliant. Definitely one for the list of things that leave me in awe at the creating of inventors!

  8. Dr Nicholas Stone PhD

    I’ve used it to cover the feet of my made ‘contact-lens insertion aid ! As I only have one arm (an not my predominant) ! An when I apply mt GP,lens’s,
    My apparatus does not slip across ant flat surface. Result ! Thank you guys at Dycem.

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