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Ideal daily living aids!

Open any jar with ease.  No more reaching for that tea towel to open that stubborn lid…

Our openers provide a tight grip for lids, and jars of all sizes. Our non-slip Jar openers are also helpful for those with arthritis, a weakened grip, decreased hand sensation or upper extremity weakness.

Our Jar Openers can also work in tandem with our non-slip coasters to allow one-handed opening of lids.

Dycem non-slip jar openers are designed with unique grip bars and are dome shaped so that they fit comfortably in the palm of your hand.  They also feature an in-built antimicrobial for added hygiene and protection of the product.

  • Great for opening tight food jars.
  • Soft and malleable for added comfort, they are effective and easy to use.
  • Use them in conjunction with one of our Dycem Non-Slip Mats, and grip with one hand only. Carry out a range of tasks without the need to stabilise with your other hand.
  • Simple to use, they were awarded 10/10 in an independent survey by Yours Magazine.
    Available separately or as part of an opener and coaster set.
  • Many other uses including opening stiff door knobs, turning taps, opening medicine bottles, opening difficult wine bottles, Yale door locks and undoing light fittings.
  • Dycem Jar Openers do not contain any latex, are easy to clean and come in blue, silver and yellow colours.  They feature an in-built silver based anti-microbial.


For those with inflammatory arthritis, the jar opener can help to protect the joints in the hand and wrist from further damage by reducing the stress on them. Joint protection is key in maintaining a person’s function and independence. -Jen Cave-Ayland, Occupational Therapist

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For more on how Dycem Non-Slip Jar Openers can make opening jars a doddle, check out this video:

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3 reviews for Dycem Jar Openers

  1. David Gilroy

    I bought one of these for an elderly friend of mine. She loved it and said she’s recommend it to anyone.

  2. Christine Mateer

    I used one of this jar opener at work, it’s great…that’s why I’m ordering one for myself and my daughter…

  3. Garry

    Seriously one of the best products I have ever owned. The Occupational Therapy Department at the Veterans Administration gave me one of these for my Osteoarthritis. My bones and joints have become very fragile over the past years. To the point that my wrists can feel like they’re going to break. Using this jar opener reduces the stress significantly. Enabling me to be pain and worry free when opening jars. No longer feel like I’m going to break my wrist opening a jar. Thank you Dycem for creating this wonderful product.

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