Dycem Non-Slip products provide excellent support to Physiotherapists

Our specialist non-slip material has exceptional function in many physiotherapy settings:

  • By providing increased feet grip during sit to stand and transfers.
  • By minimising the likelihood of patients slipping whilst sitting on chairs or plinths whilst performing muscle tests, and neurological tests.
  • By creating extra grip on mobility aids for pushing off and to prevent sliding.
  • By helping to stabilise bike pedals .
  • By providing a safer non-slip surface for bare foot gait measurement.

Dycem Non-Slip products can help to maintain patient comfort whilst reducing the risk of slipping when sitting up or lying down. Products can be used in isolation or in conjunction with plinth protecting or infection control material:

The bright colouring contributes to the patient’s visual attention, and the raised surface provides exceptional sensory feedback, particularly to patients affected by neurological defects.

The products can be easily cleaned and transferred for use in other daily activities, such as, aiding foot grip on the floor or hand grip on the arms of chairs during sit to stand activities.

Dycem’s Non-Slip jar and bottle openers have also been shown to be useful for those whose grip may have been affected following wrist or hand fractures and those suffering from arthritic conditions

The material can be cut and custom shaped by the therapist, depending on the equipment or activity, to provide a reliable non-slip surface both patient and therapist can have confidence in.

During Rehabilitation

Patients undertaking high level jumping, fast directional change or even simple sit to stand exercises during rehabilitation can be at risk of slipping. During mobilisation exercises older patients and those suffering from neurological conditions can also be at risk of slipping or falling. However, Dycem Non-Slip products can dramatically reduce this risk, used either in isolation or with other equipment such as;

  • Wobble boards
  • Strengthening machinery
  • Parallel bars
  • Mobility aids.
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