A great way to keep your home away from home safe, whether you own a boat, yacht or ship, Dycem non-slip can help.


Stability and slippage issues whilst you are out at sea can become a thing of the past with some help from Dycem. For Unbeatable grip, even in the roughest waters choose Dycem non-slip products to…

  • Grip Maps and GPS units to the spot with Dycem non-slip mats, whilst precision instruments are protected from being tipped off tables.
  • Cut Dycem non-slip netting to size and place under cushions for comfortable seating, ideal to provide a good grip whilst the boat is rocking

For larger, heavier tools, non-slip material can simply be cut to your preferred size from a Dycem reel.

Wrap strips of self-adhesive Dycem non-slip material around indoor handrails, ledges and handles to gain extra stability. Adhesive backing ensures the strips are permanently in place.

Stop drinks from spilling on precision instruments!

Stop items and furniture from slipping whilst your boat is at sea.

In the galley

Use Dycem non-slip coasters and placemats to hold cutlery in place and say goodbye to any unwanted spillages or breakages.

Cook and prepare food with ease, even on the roughest waters!

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Case Study CWind & Ventus Workboats

Dycem have recently teamed up with CWind and Ventus Workboats, an innovative joint venture with a state of the art vessel ‘CWind Sword’, to provide non-slip mats for all above floor height surfaces. Dycem’s unbelievable grip properties will help to protect equipment and personal belongings whilst CWind and Ventus Workboats provide transfer services to the offshore windfarm industry.

We printed the non-slip mats with the companies’ logos to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the mats and to increase brand exposure. Not only are these mats functional, but they can also help increase brand awareness.

Lee Price, Director at Ventus Workboats, was quoted as saying ‘We are very happy with the quality of the Dycem mats and the service we received. The products are far superior to the mesh shelf liner material we’ve seen used elsewhere. The Dycem mats provide superb grip, feature our corporate branding, which looks amazing, and are even cut to fit the dimensions of vital surfaces throughout the vessel’

If you would like to find out how we can help you protect your equipment and personal belongings on your vessel, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be more than happy to help.