Can I use glue on my Dycem to fix it semi-permanently / permanently in place?

Please email for technical advice on adhering Dycem products to surfaces.

We also manufacture a wide range of Self-Adhesive Discs, Strips and Panels which feature an adhesive on one side of the product. They can be applied to cutlery and handles of mobility aids for enhanced built up grip.

Please visit the following web page for more details.

Dycem can be used on most varnished or painted surfaces. If used on nitrocellulose varnish or latex paint, a slight softening of the varnish / paint may occur.

If using Dycem within a healthcare setting it may be possible to clean with a detergent you already use.

Please e-mail for technical advice.

Dycem can withstand heat up to 50ºC.

This is not advisable, Dycem Non-Slip loses its non-slip properties when it is wet. Always allow it to dry before use.

The best way is to hand wash in warm soapy water and allow to dry, or clean with a Dycem cleaning wipe. It is, however, possible to dish wash them up to 50ºC (on the top shelf).

No, Dycem is Latex-Free.

Please contact Dycem for details of your nearest supplier.

It is possible to have bespoke custom sizes of Dycem products. We have set up bespoke sizes and shapes and we can even print bespoke designs and logos on certain products.

Please contact Dycem on 0117 9548 701 or e-mail for further details and minimum order quantities.